AdWords Pay per Click Advertising

PPC is a technique used by website owners in order to determine a way that they can charge their advertisers when internet users go to their websites by clicking on to advertisement banners on their websites.  Neither the website owner nor search engines are charged with determining how the advertiser is going to pay for this service. Google has recorded AdWords as its highest source of revenue and it is used in implementing the PPC technique. AdWords makes it possible for text and banner advertisements to be addressed to a targeted audience using PPC. Since all that Google requires of people is the internet and creativity, this technique is now being used in many different parts of the world.

There are two main ways that advertisers can determine how much they should be charged for advertising. They can either use a flat rate or one based on bids. In order to decide, the advertiser needs to be aware of the number of visitors that visit that website and the chances of those people also visiting his or her website. This can be determined by the type of audience the advertiser is targeting.  It is important for the advertiser and the website owner to share the same target audience as this will improve the chances of visitors clicking on the adverts. It is also important to consider the number of sales conversions one might get. If the audiences of both the advertiser and the website owner are the same, there are higher probabilities that they visitors might buy the product being advertised. Advertisers can determine the type of audience by the search terms internet users input in the query box or based on the context of the pages they are viewing.

AdWords advertisements are all placed on Google search engine as well as other networks that have partnered with Google. Google determines which adverts should be placed on search results pages based on the results that have been yielded. This means that the adverts are tailored to specifically fit into the needs of the internet user putting into consideration where they are located and what time it is there. Research from many search engines shows that although people who log very late at night generate much traffic for a site, they do not necessarily make any purchases especially if they are not searching for something work-related. However, when a person logs in at night and they are searching for a product, that person is more likely to be a sales lead that can later be converted into a sale.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Just as advertisers buy advertising time on TV programs during which they run their ads, Pay Per Click (PPC) enables website owners to buy space in search results to promote his business- that is where Pay Per Click campaigns must begin. The website owner has to pay the search engine for the location of his listing – just at in newspapers where front page ads cost the most, the PPC listing get more expensive the higher in the results they are. When a person does a search using one of the well known search engines, the page of results that opens has two categories of results – the general search results that fill most of the page and the highlighted ones that occupy a prominent and eye catching position on the page. It is these “special” results – the ones that are noticed fist – that are PPC listings.

Being so prominently placed on the search result page means that your listing will attract eyeballs with a larger likelihood of people clicking your link as compared to those in the general results. But not all PPC listings are equal; there are usually a few of them and here too the ones at the top of the list will get the most responses. Just like paying more for an ad on the most popular pages of the newspaper, you will need to pay more for a PPC listing that is high on the list – the higher up, the most expensive it will be is the thumb rule of  Pay Per Click campaigns .

PPC has the advantage of being more targeted than conventional advertising – you do not pay a fixed sum for a PPC listing – you will pay the search engine only for each person that clicks on your link to visit your website. While this does not guarantee sales, it does mean that you are paying only for the people who follow your PPC link – the ones who are interested in what you have to offer and who are, in turn, the most likely to buy from you. The great advantage of PPC is that you will know how many people clicked on your link since you will be billed for this and you are not paying for search engine users who have not visited your site. Knowing how many people followed your PPC link and balancing that against the increase in sales will allow you to judge how effective the Pay Per Click campaign has been and if the returns do not justify the expenditure, you can stop and think of other options.

Online Reputation Management Services

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Keeping Your Message Consistent

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Note: We do not post fake reviews. Our ORM methods require more time, energy, and creativity. We produce blogs and mini sites to showcase your true worth, and we build rank to these new entities with white hat SEO techniques. These new websites and blogs will then outrank and push down the negative comments or reviews. Our reputation management experts ensure that you’re able to successfully demonstrate your quality services and products.

How do you remove negative press about my company from Google?

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Insights On Pay Per Click Costs

Pay per click costs is ever so high for advertisers in the billion dollar industry. In the recent past, pay per click advertising has grown to great heights but in the same breathe, there are many concerns.   Keywords see to it that search engine marketing of this kind works. Some keywords will be more valuable than others and this can be determined by relevance and importance. It is becoming important for all advertisers to look at ways to cut costs where they can. In many instances, they will pay for advertising that will not yield much. In other words, adverts might appear on sites that do not have enough or relevant traffic.

Through pay per click, readers can read about the products and services they are looking for and when they click on ads present, this will have implications. This system is designed to help all people but problems come in when 80% of all people never take time to click on the advertisements. For this reason, those who have a lot to loose or gain take steps to get the system working for them. The growth of pay per click costs is dramatic and each year is recording higher costs for advertisers. During holidays, these costs will usually double and this has been observed.

Major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo will have certain start prices they set for their keywords. Pay per click costs have been some of the major sources of income for search engines. Success on advertisers will be based on the kind of keywords they choose to have so that the high costs can be cut.   Among others, use of negative keywords will see advertisers reduce costs dramatically. These are words that might help retain relevance where search queries are concerned. For details on this, there are many sites to get information and Luna metrics is a good resource.

It is vital to note that out of 5 readers, only 1 will be reported to click on an ad they are interested in and this is how it is. The costs can be too high and the returns too low. However, more and more advertisers are biting the bullet and making the system work by looking for methods to keep pay per click costs low. However, many advertisers are going a different direction with advertising. Many have settled on search engine optimization for organic traffic. Many seem to be comfortable with this method as more and more gains continue to be reported without exorbitant costs.


How to Set an Ad Schedule Bid Adjustment

An Ad Schedule Bid Adjustment is an Adwords feature that allows you to auto increase or decrease your bids on specific days or weeks.

Step 1: Go into Desired Campaign, Go to Settings Tab

Step 2: Click on the Ad Schedule Button, Scroll Down until you see Days Listed

Step 3: Click +Ad Schedule, Click +Create Custom Schedule

Step 4: Select Your Desired Days and Times

Step 5: Go to the List of Ad Schedules Below

Step 6: Click On Bid Adjustment and set it to Increase or Decrease based on your Needs