Google Panda 4.2 update and why most missed it!


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Google Panda update 4.2 is here, and its more of a refresh than update.

So the praised & dreaded panda update has arrived and has made its way across the web. Almost no one even realized that the update even happened. Even the most watchful SEOs and Marketers didn’t see the update until almost 4 days later.One of the reasons behind the lack of attention on this latest updates because google hasn’t made updates this apparent in the past. With Google remaining quite silent on these updates that landed Saturday 18,2015, ┬áhere is what we have learned so far about the release algorithm update.

  • It will take months for Panda 4.2 to be fully rolled out on a page to page basis, meaning that each page on your site that has been indexed will take sometime to be ran through Panda 4.2
  • It is too late to update your site and be impacted by Panda 4.2
  • If you were negatively affected by Panda 4.1 and you made changes you should see a improvement
  • The Panda Refresh impacted about 2-3% of queries, so it was pretty small compared to other updates we’ve seen in the past with just a average affect on websites that we can see currently.

With all that being said, it is still a very good idea to keep working on quality content,press releases and experimenting even if you’ve been hit by Panda 4.2 because eventually there will be a Panda 4.3 unless a zombie outbreak occurs.

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