How SEO is changing

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How SEO is changing

This morning i was working on a clients website, looking over what his targeted keywords were and checking all the stats to see how well the words he targeted are doing. Checking SEO for how often the words are searched and the frequency the words have used. Everything appeared normal with a couple minor improvements needed, so I began digging just a bit deeper to form a new strategy for the client.

What I found was quite surprising, certain words were targeting customers of the clients desired demographic but the conversions were lackluster at best. Meanwhile other keywords with less desired demographics for the client were giving high conversions.

So what iv gathered from my experience is that SEO is ever changing which should be a given, but also that SEO is a highly successful tool in a businesses arsenal when it comes to not only getting traffic but also very valuable insights that can alter the whole direction of the business.

SEO has also been changing in Google’s eyes as the concept of ‘making search engines understand your website’ takes off to the general public. Nowadays requirements for website is much higher, which in turn increases the quality for the internet itself as well as the users who want a better experiment. Some would say that these requirements are restrictive or stop certain freedoms the internet has afforded us all these years. But i feel its needed for the internet to expand and grow into something useful to everyone.

Doing SEO on your website is critical to finding insights and just generally getting search engines to find your domain attractive to their networks. The better and more efficient you become will really help your business in the long run.


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