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Search Engine Optimization Explained For Dummies

Search engine optimization is, in its most basic form, the art of building your website in such a way that when people use search engines to look for information related to what your site contains, they will find you at the top of the results. While search...

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Bitmojis in the Real World?

Starting last week Snapchat released mini customizable virtual characters. You can access the virtual characters through the phones rear facing camera. The virtual avatar app, Bitmoji, acquired $64 million last year. Snapchat Inc. hopes this will open a door to...

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Is Article writing taking over from SEO

Well, is it? Is article writing taking over from SEO, or search engine optimization, as a means of getting you free traffic? There are no longer any doubts that Google loves content distributed on article directories, and that their so-called duplicate...

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Insights On Pay Per Click Costs

Pay per click costs is ever so high for advertisers in the billion dollar industry. In the recent past, pay per click advertising has grown to great heights but in the same breathe, there are many concerns.   Keywords see to it that search engine marketing...

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Designing a Winning SEO Strategy for 2017

Understanding the big-picture search trends and aligning that with your companies SEO goals is key. SEO is a always changing game, 2017 might include some of the biggest changes we've seen yet! Some times its easy to overthink SEO. Lets take a look at Google's...

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What are Backlinks?

"What are Backlinks?"You may ask, well Backlinks are the most common phrases used when talking about SEO as well as one of the most important signals your website can have. A backlink is a link on someones website leading back to your website in simplistic terms....

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