More About Panda 4.2

Panda 4.2 is been out for about two weeks, were still learning little bits and pieces about the newest algorithm “refresh”. It seems a lot of rumors have been spread across the internet like a proper “He said, She Said” moment. Alot questions have been repeatedly asked such as “why is Panda 4.2 so slow compared to other updates?”, “Why is it happening on a Page to Page Basis?” and “Why haven’t they confirmed nearly anything at all?”.

Well John Muller answered some of these questions this morning in the Google Webmasters Hangout

He talked about :

  • The Panda 4.2 Refresh was very similar to other updates in the past.
  • Technical issue are one of the reasons it is a much slower roll out
  • This “rollout” or update is not to simply confuse webmasters from being able to study it.
  • Muller said that it is a “internal issue” in the update itself and that we will hear more about that at a later time.

More information we have found out about the latest Panda 4.2 update is that the update is reaching globally. So it’s not just US or English results, its across all Google properties, every language. Which came as a surprise since Google in the past has released for separate parts of the world and languages. Giving us this information was Gary Illyes who confirmed it earlier this week on his twitter feed below when someone asked him the same question. Confirming that it is global has set aside quite a number of rumors that have speculated that the Panda 4.2 update had already be in use for quite awhile now in parts of Europe.

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