How to Set an Ad Schedule Bid Adjustment

An Ad Schedule Bid Adjustment is an Adwords feature that allows you to auto increase or decrease your bids on specific days or weeks.

Step 1: Go into Desired Campaign, Go to Settings Tab

Step 2: Click on the Ad Schedule Button, Scroll Down until you see Days Listed

Step 3: Click +Ad Schedule, Click +Create Custom Schedule

Step 4: Select Your Desired Days and Times

Step 5: Go to the List of Ad Schedules Below

Step 6: Click On Bid Adjustment and set it to Increase or Decrease based on your Needs


How to make IP Address Exclusions In Adwords


IP Exclusions In Adwords

IP Address Exclusions are used in AdWords for people who feel they are being directly targeted by a competitor or are seeing money spent from the same IP without conversions over multiple times.

It should also be noted that if you feel you are the target of such an attack,Here are some ways to Contact Google[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

How to make IP Address Exclusions In Adwords

  • From the “Campaigns” section on the dashboard
  • Click the Settings Button
    • When the Dropdown appears. Select All settings.
    • Scroll down almost to the bottom
  • Select the IP exclusions options
    • Click Edit
    • Enter The IP you want to be excluded
  • Click Save and Close

How To Get Google Support In Adwords


The Ways of Contacting Google Support


How to call google


1-844-885-0765 is the number to call. 9am – 8pm EST


How to schedule a video chat


Go to this link, Make sure you have your Adwords Id Number.


How to email them


You can email google here, once signed into to your Adwords Account.


Live chat with google


Click here, to setup a live chat with google.

Introduction To Adwords Search Campaign

An AdWords search campaign is the most common campaign made on Adwords. It provides an extreme amount of value not only to google(who gets paid per impression/click) but to any business owner wanting more customers. It uses the Google Search Engine to display your “Ad Copy” on the “Keywords” or phrases you have targeted.

How it Works

The AdWords bid market is a real-time algorithm that google uses to determine the rank of a customer’s ad. It takes into consideration the bid amount, quality score, keyword targeted and other smaller variables.

It all starts with a user googling something.


The top result has a little box that says “AD” to indicate that it’s a search ad. The second result is what’s called an “Organic Result”.


How to Set Up an AdWords Search Campaign

  • From the “Campaigns” section on the dashboard
    • Click the Red +CAMPAIGN button
    • Click “Search Network Only”
    • After naming your campaign, Click “All Features” for every hidden feature and metric to be available.
  • In Networks,  Click “Include Search Partners”
  • In Locations, Enter where you want your Ad to target.
  • In Bid Strategy, Enter budget for both your bid and daily maximum amount spent.
  • In Ad extensions, Pick What you require, For more info on ad extensions, 

Ad Scheduling > choose what time you want your Ads to show. To make bid adjustments based on timing, check out our latest video here.

Save & Close.