Is Article writing taking over from SEO


Well, is it? Is article writing taking over from SEO, or search engine optimization, as a means of getting you free traffic? There are no longer any doubts that Google loves content distributed on article directories, and that their so-called duplicate content penalty appears to be applied more leniently to articles published on multiple directories than to website content.

Before discussing that, lets get one fact put right immediately. Traffic gained from SEO optimization of your website is not free, and neither is traffic gained from intelligent use of article marketing, and writing articles in such a way as to persuade readers to visit your website. Each of these cost you a lot in time or payment for the software needed to do it properly. The alternative is to have others do it for you.

For some reason, professional search engine optimization services are much more expensive than professional article ghostwriting, even though the latter can get you more traffic than the SEO expert. Why is this, and how can I justify saying that? Here are some reasons why many believe article writing to be taking over from SEO optimization as the main means of getting traffic to your website.

  1. Articles can target web pages more effectively than SEO. Sure, each page should have its individual optimization, and it will help to improve your search engine results position (SERPS). However, an article that is published in hundreds of directories and ezines can get you far greater exposure through:
  2. a) Readers using the article directory to find out more about their niche. In spite of disbelievers, many people read the articles that are published on article directories. b) Those who like your article so much that they copy it and paste it on their own website. To do this legally, they have to retain your authors resource in which you advertise your website and product. c) Google and other search engines will list your article if it deems it relevant to a search being carried out. You have a better chance of your article being listed from a directory page than from one on your own website due to the generally higher PageRank of such directories. d) People read articles and web content on other web pages, which includes a, b and c above.
  3. People are increasingly looking for information online. Although it could be argued that the internet has always been a source of information, as an increasing number of people are stopping work, voluntary or enforced, in todays economic situation, they are looking to the web to provide them with a means of supplementing their income.
  4. An increasing number of people are teaching themselves to write, and those that cannot are offering work to freelance writers and article ghost writers. Consequently, content is become increasing more expert and believable, and good website content is expected rather than sought after. Blogs are becoming as important as web pages, and content published on social bookmarking and social networking sites is also being increasingly shared across the web.
  5. Finally, but by no means the only other reason why article writing has become so important to webmasters seeking to improve the flow of traffic to their websites, is the increase in domains being registered. The more domains there are online, then the more competition there is, and hence the more important the quality of content and also the way that content is promoted and accessed by those looking for it.

If you dont know how to promote your website through writing articles, or using article marketing in a truly professional fashion, then you will fall behind your competitors. It is essential that you understand what SEO is, and how article marketing can be used to write articles and distribute them as they have to be for maximum impact.

Without this expert knowledge you will be left behind in the technological revolution that the internet and World Wide Web have become, and remain in the hinterland of marketing. There are many ways in which you can learn how to use these modern advertising tools to your advantage, and he who does so best will be the most successful.

Is article writing taking over from SEO? You bet it is!


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