Ensuring Organic Search Engine Optimization: Take It Seriously

Running a business can be hard enough but when you’re not keen on the best marketing tips and how to make your business prosper, you’re really going to have problems.  This means that more people are going to come to your business as a result of the results offered by their searches. The more traffic you can drive to your business the more potential customers you have visiting your site and chances are most of these will purchase some of your products or services. Not everyone is going to want what you have to offer, but the point is you want to attract as many potential customers as possible.

One of the best tips is to refrain from overdoing it with the keywords. Keywords are what will target the traffic to your site but when you cover your web pages with keywords it’s going to be clutter and look cheap. You want to use it in the header of your site and meta tags but never just throw them around freely. You don’t want your content to be choppy or overflowing with keywords because this is going to be hard for people to understand and it just won’t look right.

You also need to take the colors and fonts that you are using your page into consideration and ensure that for the best organic search engine optimization that you not only choose those that are going to attract attention but also which go well with the type of business you run. You want your site to stand out but in a good way, so people will remember you and want to come back to spend their money at your company rather than others. One of the best tips for organic search engine optimization is to check out your competitors because you’re sure to get some great ideas this way and see what you’re up against. You don’t want to copy ideas or be exactly like another company even if they’re doing quite well, but you can certainly take ideas from their success and use it to your advantage.

You can absolutely use the creativity of successful businesses to help you get off on the right foot and increase profit for your business. One of the best tips for organic search engine optimization is to be aware of what your target audience is and then work towards that. Without knowing your target audience as a business this is a very poor marketing strategy because chances are your business isn’t going to do that well. Any company that wants to get started and ensure organic search engine optimization is going to need to take that first step and find a company to go through.

With proper utilization of SEO even businesses that are struggling can rise up and make their way up in the rankings. Organic search engine optimization is crucial if you want to have the best marketing strategy and help your business to really strive. You will have to pay for these services of course but it will be more than worth it. You will quickly see just how much more business you’re pulling in, almost immediately.

Search Engine Optimization Explained For Dummies

Search engine optimization is, in its most basic form, the art of building your website in such a way that when people use search engines to look for information related to what your site contains, they will find you at the top of the results. While search engines are a boon for people looking for information, the draw back is that they usually perform too well. That may sound odd, but when you consider that a search for a popular subject or product can throw up a hundreds of thousands of results, you will understand who is going to hunt through all that material for find what is wanted? The websites that attract the most visitors are those that come up highest in the search engine results – if not at the top, then in the first page (or at lest the second).

A search engine works by using the keywords that people type into it to look for relevant websites and when the search is complete, the engines produces pages of results. Where your website appears in these results will depend on how relevant the search engine thinks it is to the keywords it was searching for. That means that the more often the search word or phrase appears in your website, the more relevant the search engine will think your site is to the search. This is search engine optimization explained in its simplest form.

Many people fall into the temptation of using the keywords too often in their web pages which not only makes the text look forced and unnatural, it also puts search engines off because the advances in search technology means that these engines can detect web pages that are filled with keywords only for the sake of giving them a better ranking in the search results. A website that sells coffee makers and uses these words 75 times in a page containing 700 words of text will be ignored by search engines because it is an obvious case of artificially forcing keywords to get higher ranking and has nothing to do with the relevance of the site. There are also many unethical ways of optimizing your site such as using hidden keywords and participation in link farms but search engines are becoming more sophisticated every day and this kind of unethical optimization will get caught sooner or later, resulting in the website being removed from the search results.

A great website is not guarantee of success – there is far too much competition to sit back and relax without making every effort to get traffic to your site. The most effective way of doing this is by making your site search engine friendly. Optimization involves a great deal more, but this is the basic concept of search engine optimization explained.

Online Reputation Management Services

Our experienced marketing specialists have the proven expertise to craft a proactive, thoroughgoing reputation management services that will protect the value and integrity of your brand. Our extensive online reputation management services are based on comprehensive analytics of your business, in which we identify the problems, design and implement an effective strategy, reduce negative visibility, and control for any potential problems in the future.

Our online reputation services are the performance-driven, results-oriented solution your business needs to effectively counter negative press or reviews. Our proven SEO efforts and reputation management services will sustain the long-term protection of your brand, by systematically promoting positive content associated with your brand, personal name, and products. We methodically and consistently monitor terms that are relevant to your company, and give you control of your reputation in the leading search engines.

Note: we have been asked if we post fake reviews. We do not do this. Our ORM methods require more time, energy, and creativity. We produce blogs and mini sites to showcase your true worth, and we build rank to these new entities with white hat SEO techniques. These new websites and blogs will then outrank and push down the negative comments or reviews.

Keeping Your Message Consistent

With our strategic, sophisticated marketing and reputation management services, you’ll play a critical role in determining what content is ranked and visible, as it pertains to your business. Our expansive breadth of reputation management services can also accommodate your business needs through content creation which can be used for 2.0 sites, like blogs and social media pages. We can collaborate with your team to build successful multi-media campaigns for an upgraded brand and image across all sectors. Were not here to blast Google with loads of junk content and get meaningless back links. Online reputation management services with long term effects must be much more than spam, because Google, and other search engines, are very sharp these days, so your content has to be fresh and relevant.

Every business is different, so every ORM campaign must be custom designed. You can trust ApricotSEO to spend the time to prepare the ORM service goes to help you take control of the message that your prospects see online.

Your reputation is your business’ most valuable asset and commodity, and our reputation management experts can help you protect the brand, image, and identity you’ve worked hard to build. Through an effective multi-layered and multi-functional approach, our skilled reputation management experts target key areas to safeguard your brand from false, misinformed, or malicious press, including search engines, marketplaces, review sites, social media forums, blogs, and complaint sites. Our reputation management experts can remove unwanted content and effectively prevent negative postings from generating high rankings in search engines and high-traffic sites. Our professional team understands SEO and social media marketing and knows how to reduce destructive press and push it from the top ten results in search engines, simultaneously improving the quality of your first page results.

Note: We do not post fake reviews. Our ORM methods require more time, energy, and creativity. We produce blogs and mini sites to showcase your true worth, and we build rank to these new entities with white hat SEO techniques. These new websites and blogs will then outrank and push down the negative comments or reviews. Our reputation management experts ensure that you’re able to successfully demonstrate your quality services and products.

How do you remove negative press about my company from Google?

Our reputation management experts will capitalize on proven white hat techniques, from building sister sites, to utilizing social media, RSS feeds, blog sites, wiki, multi-media campaigns, and more to strengthen your business’ image, brand, and reputation, and build an honest representation of your business.

Is Article writing taking over from SEO

Well, is it? Is article writing taking over from SEO, or search engine optimization, as a means of getting you free traffic? There are no longer any doubts that Google loves content distributed on article directories, and that their so-called duplicate content penalty appears to be applied more leniently to articles published on multiple directories than to website content.

Before discussing that, lets get one fact put right immediately. Traffic gained from SEO optimization of your website is not free, and neither is traffic gained from intelligent use of article marketing, and writing articles in such a way as to persuade readers to visit your website. Each of these cost you a lot in time or payment for the software needed to do it properly. The alternative is to have others do it for you.

For some reason, professional search engine optimization services are much more expensive than professional article ghostwriting, even though the latter can get you more traffic than the SEO expert. Why is this, and how can I justify saying that? Here are some reasons why many believe article writing to be taking over from SEO optimization as the main means of getting traffic to your website.

  1. Articles can target web pages more effectively than SEO. Sure, each page should have its individual optimization, and it will help to improve your search engine results position (SERPS). However, an article that is published in hundreds of directories and ezines can get you far greater exposure through:
  2. a) Readers using the article directory to find out more about their niche. In spite of disbelievers, many people read the articles that are published on article directories. b) Those who like your article so much that they copy it and paste it on their own website. To do this legally, they have to retain your authors resource in which you advertise your website and product. c) Google and other search engines will list your article if it deems it relevant to a search being carried out. You have a better chance of your article being listed from a directory page than from one on your own website due to the generally higher PageRank of such directories. d) People read articles and web content on other web pages, which includes a, b and c above.
  3. People are increasingly looking for information online. Although it could be argued that the internet has always been a source of information, as an increasing number of people are stopping work, voluntary or enforced, in todays economic situation, they are looking to the web to provide them with a means of supplementing their income.
  4. An increasing number of people are teaching themselves to write, and those that cannot are offering work to freelance writers and article ghost writers. Consequently, content is become increasing more expert and believable, and good website content is expected rather than sought after. Blogs are becoming as important as web pages, and content published on social bookmarking and social networking sites is also being increasingly shared across the web.
  5. Finally, but by no means the only other reason why article writing has become so important to webmasters seeking to improve the flow of traffic to their websites, is the increase in domains being registered. The more domains there are online, then the more competition there is, and hence the more important the quality of content and also the way that content is promoted and accessed by those looking for it.

If you dont know how to promote your website through writing articles, or using article marketing in a truly professional fashion, then you will fall behind your competitors. It is essential that you understand what SEO is, and how article marketing can be used to write articles and distribute them as they have to be for maximum impact.

Without this expert knowledge you will be left behind in the technological revolution that the internet and World Wide Web have become, and remain in the hinterland of marketing. There are many ways in which you can learn how to use these modern advertising tools to your advantage, and he who does so best will be the most successful.

Is article writing taking over from SEO? You bet it is!

Designing a Winning SEO Strategy for 2017

Understanding the big-picture search trends and aligning that with your companies SEO goals is key. SEO is a always changing game, 2017 might include some of the biggest changes we’ve seen yet! Some times its easy to overthink SEO. Lets take a look at Google’s original (still number one) mission statement.

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” – Google

Okay, so I think most of us understand that Google organizes all of the Internets information into one accessible location. The part I strongly believe is over looked again and again is the word useful!

Useful = Relevancy

In 2017 I recommend focusing on relevancy above all. Future proofing for SEO typically does not exist but in this case I believe if we keep relevancy at the fore front of our planning it can exist. Okay now lets get to the good stuff… Whiteboard Strategy.

Understanding the search trends:

Massive rise in SERP features, Google is showing many more data types and markup’s in the search results. There are 18 major markup records and many more are being added all of the time. This trend is expected to continue.

Instant answers could be King. Especially true on mobile! It’s also true on desktop as well. Google is trying to answer a lot of the queries themselves. That can mean they’re taking away traffic from you! Or it can mean there is opportunity to start answering common questions.

Intent > keywords: We’re also seeing this trend that started with Hummingbird and now, obviously, continued with RankBrain around intent, searcher intent being more important than keywords in how we target our content. This does not mean keywords are not important, actually there more important! The searchers intent is key so the slightest change in keywords can have major results. We need to understand the searcher even more in 2017.

The value of comprehensiveness has clearly been on the rise. That’s been true for a couple of years, but it definitely is a trend that continued in 2016 and we expect to continue into 2017. Google continues to improve its comprehensive algorithm allowing it to better understand our websites and the content on them.

Multi-device speed and user experience, Google’s been telling us this for several years now, and I think what we are observing is that speed is not the only user experience element. Google has taken action against large website’s with overlays and pop-ups. They’ve taken action, clearly. There are some engagement metrics that are going on there, and that sites that have better user experience and that focus on better engagement are doing better in the search results.

Unreliability of Google data? What’s New… That includes search volume data and data in AdWords. It includes inaccuracies in Google Search Console, Google’s new version of Webmaster Tools, around rankings.

Voice search is on the rise! Voice searching will impact your results in the future. The types of content you might want to produce to be in front of voice searchers is location data and answers to common questions. Your google maps listing is included in this data. For example if someone asks their phone for the best Mexican restaurant in Oakland County, Michigan, Google will search maps for the highest rated Mexican restaurant.

Machine learning and deep learning, we’re seeing it affect the search results in terms of how they’re considering links, how they’re looking at keyword searches, and how they’re looking at content. This is why keeping relevancy at your core strategy is key!

Multi-visit buyer journeys have always been important. All marketers are starting to realize this, and a lot of us are optimizing for it, which means that the competitive landscape now demands it.

Bias to brands, it’s still a thing even in 2017. We’re still seeing it, and we’re seeing it even more so. We seeing it even when those brands do not have a ton of links, which used to be the big dominating factor.

Undiminished value of links. If you’ve built an SEO presents, you’ve done a lot of these things successfully, links are certainly how you can stand out in the search results. That’s pretty much as true in 2016 and 2017 as it was in 2011 and 2012. The only caveat here is that the quality of links matters a lot more, like a lot, a lot more!

Map your organization’s top-level SEO goals JUST DO IT!


Here’s how Marketing Booker does it. Marketing Booker’s big three for 2017, grow revenue with new partnership’s, MB wants to lower costs to get more profitable and improve the upsell to existing customers. So SEO can help with these things by increasing relevancy on the things that your organization wants to accomplish, and you want to show that SEO is actually doing those things, not just that you’re trying to rank for keywords or bring more traffic, but that you’ve mapped your priorities in this way.

So we could say SEO can help by identifying searchers that partnership’s targets and influencers perform and then ranking for those. We can lower our costs to get more profitable by reducing the cost per acquisition. We’ll drive more traffic with organic search, thus reducing our dependency on Paid Advertising and other forms of marketing that cost a lot more. Those types of things are important wouldn’t ya say?

Sorry, I could not help myself!

Build a keyword content map

The basic concept is to have a list of terms and phrases that come out of your tactics and your goals, that you build a map for.

Example: “All right, here’s how we’re ranking today. Here’s the URL which we’re ranking with,” or, “We don’t yet have a URL that’s targeting this keyword phrase, and thus, we need to build it,” and then the action required there and what the priority is.

Project Management: Break down SEO into individual projects and order by expected ROI

Break down all the SEO efforts that you’re going to do to hit all these goals into discrete projects with a few things — an estimated time of delivery, the people who are assigned to it, and an ordering based on the expected return on investment. You can be wrong about this. It’s fine to be like, “Hey, we’re taking our best guess, thumb in the air. We don’t really know for sure, but we’re going to try. Here’s what we got. It’s link building for the home page. It’s our number-one priority. The value estimate is high because we currently rank number two or three for our own brand name. It’s assigned to this person, and the ETA is March 30th.” Let relevancy tie your SEO goals and Content together.

Build a reporting system that measures results and define clear metrics

Build a reporting and measurement system that’s going to show progress!  Anyone should be able to look at this and say, “Ah! This is where they’re going with this. This is how they’ve done so far.” Every project is different there are many platforms that can do this reporting for you. We recommend Dash Booker for obvious reasons. You can learn more here. Dashbooker.com

2017 is going to be one of the most interesting years for SEO and our team here at Marketing Booker wishes you the best!

If all of this sounds confusing please consider contacting us for a free evaluation!


Possible October Google Update

New information today talks about the newest updates in october towards the google algorithm, google again has yet to confirm or deny these latest updates. However several Search Engine Specialists have reported  seeing traffic spikes throughtout 15- 23 Oct as a result of the Google Update. Reputable people such as Barry Schwartz at seoroundtable.com quoted “The automated tools show changes as well. Mozcast shows a spike on October 17th, SERP Metrics shows a spike as of yesterday, so does Algoroo and a new one named Accurankeralso does. Both SERPs and advancedwebranking.com are pretty stable.”


The strange thing that we’ve seen many times is that  all of these sites have reported vastly different days,so one can assume the update is happening in different parts around the web.This is very interesting new for our clients as well as the rest of the community. The reason is because google stated earlier this year that they will come out with a Update that will make changes live very quickly. Which means good news for people on the good side of the google update. It does mean however that the dark side of SEO will find it much harder to fool the system and outrank Whitehat methods. But this is all just a personal opinion. There also has been a lot  of talk about this subject at the Forum WebmasterWorldSERPS.com shows October 19th

SERP Metrics shows spikes starting on October 19th and going through today

Advanced Web Ranking shows on October 20th

Mozcast shows on October 17th

Marketingbooker.com  was also affected from the recent updates. We have seen new segments of our website being listed with the rest of our main Snippet, this possibly occurred around october 15. Among other things we have seen a increase in organic traffic for certain performing keywords.

Have you noticed any changes to your traffic or search results?