Top 5 List Of SEO Myths!! – Michigan SEO

Top 5 List Of SEO Myths!! – Michigan SEO

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO can seam quite like a fairy tail to the newcomer! Lets clear up some of the common misconceptions.

1. SEO is a scam!

Michigan SEO

SEO is a WHAT!!?? Are you telling me that I’ve spent a good portion of my life becoming a expert on SEO and people think its a SCAM?? Well unfortunately many clients have either no clue what SEO is and can’t find a clear answer or they themselves or someone they known has had a poor experience with SEO.

Our first goal as a SEO company is to make sure our clients understand the basics of SEO in such away that is easy to understand. Would you buy a service that your are not exactly sure what to expect from it? We do not expect our clients to either.

If you can’t explain SEO to kindergartener then you do not know SEO!

Unfortunately many business owners have had the experience of dealing with less then ethical marketing firms who promise first page results with in a months time. Time to face the facts if your paying less than $200 a month for SEO services that is not legit SEO and is almost certainly a SCAM. These less then ethical marketing firms practices automated black hat methods that deliver short term results and will result in a slap from Google most definite.

I wouldn’t recommend going to the junk yard to buy a new car, same for SEO.

2. Google will figure it out

They will not figure it out!!

No. No. No. They will not figure it out!!

Many business owners have a false belief that if they cram their website full of content and URLS that magically they will make it to the top… WRONG!

Google is smart, but not magic!!

People tend to forget that the purpose of a search engine is to deliver the most relevant results. A search engines job is to mimic a humans behavior and display the most relevant results based on the search term. Every page on your website should provide valuable information that a potential customer would actually want to read. If not delete that page! There are many technical signs that Google searches for that will help determine the placement of the page. Don’t blindly gamble, get educated.

3. We did SEO once!

SEO once??

      Pat your self on the shoulder and eat a cookie….

How often do you take a shower? No, really how often? Hopefully at least once a day! Not practicing SEO daily is the equivalent of getting dirty and not taking a shower. SEO should be a everyday practice! To often we see company’s that try SEO once and think that’s good enough.Below is a graph of what it looks like to “try SEO once”.

Seo for the one time

Continuously maintaining your SEO efforts is vital because of:

  • Evolving search engine algorithms
  • Outdated content
  • Competition is beating you
  • Link degradation (getting less popular)
  • Publishing new pages
  • and much much more!

4. Link building is dead (again)


Sigh x5

Link building is still one of the most important elements in SEO today and will be for the foreseeable future. The fact is that search engines use link authority and anchor text signals heavily in their search ranking algorithms. Its not DEAD! It has changed, evolved if you will. Remember link building is just another way of saying people are sharing your website. What better way to tell if a website is popular? The methods change but the concept stays the same. Building links uses to have a bad rep for being mostly blackhat, and I agree there are many blackhat ways of link building but Google will slap you in the face. Its better to be legitimate and prosper. We build natural links and attract many natural links and it is essential for any successful SEO undertaking.

5. I want to rank #1 for “magic keyword”

SEO knowledge

Ranking number one for a keyword is great don’t get me wrong! But more then %85 of the time we find that clients think their traffic is coming from one specific keyword when in fact it is coming from any long tail keywords!

Remember its not what you THINK your customers are looking for rather its what they are actually searching for!

This is where you have to be sharp with your analytic’s! Understanding where your current customers are coming from will lead to getting more customers. Utilize whats currently working while your trying to rank for that magic keyword! It all comes down to really understanding your customers in side and out. We have to link like them.

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