Relevant Content

Relevant Content


Relevant Content can be described as content that the web visitor can use in a way that benefits them both entertaining and engaging.

The whole purpose of creating content is for the ability of the user to actually look at the content and gain value from it. The smarter search engines are becoming the more we’re learning a common trend which is to improve the user experience, we find that content is one of the key factors to that. Keeping up-to-date with the content you’re writing about will help increase relevancy naturally by giving you that lil bit of edge of the competition.

Relevance does not mean it has to take place when a current trend is around, it means how is your content appealing and more authoritative on your subject. An example would be your much more willing to trust a doctor’s advice over someone who isn’t qualified when it comes to your personal health. While writing make sure to have your Keywords to help increase your SEO.

Creating relevant content is best describe as creating content that you would want to read yourself, Something that shows expression, that is informative, that gives back to the user that spent the time and the effort to actually read the post you gave them.

Going the extra mile to make a interesting post for your industry will do wonders for your traffic and user engagement .

Some keys things to focus on:

Keep up-to-date on your industry or niche

Bring Value to your user in the content you write


You need to think in terms of how does a user benefit from my article and why should you be considered an authority on the subject. If you get stuck on what to write about then the best way would be to look at similar articles on your subject to give you some good ideas on whats relevant in the niche and what you could do to take advantage of it using your information.


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