What are Keywords?

 The first thing you learn when doing SEO is keyword research. It is essential to learning how the trends of your industry take place. Finding the right keywords can sometimes take minutes or hours depending on how picky you are.So we will talk about how the keyword research process takes place and how you can narrow down the list of terms and keywords that you’re wanting to use.

Starting out
There are many strategies for keyword research and how to implement those keywords but the main strength behind it is the same.Using Google Keyword planner we can go through and look at the stats of each keyword that we’re determining. What most people doing SEO do is they create a giant list of exactly what type of keywords they’re looking for related to their industry.

The first thing you should think about is what type of keywords would relate to my industry ford sample if you are a heating and cooling company you would look for not only heating and cooling but what other services you have and what type of variations in keywords are there for those services.Keep in mind that the keywords that you are looking for are the words that you are going to use in your targeting campaign for your website.

Doing some research
Once you have some keywords in mind, you want to use the Google keyword planner to look at the statistics of said keywords. Each phrase or keyword in Google will tell you what the monthly searches are for that keyword so you can better determine which ones are more popular to use.

What most people do when doing SEO is they create a large list of keywords during this process which they can then narrow down one by one until they have about 5 to 15 strong keywords.The stats for these phrases in the Google keyword planner do vary depending on the term and popularity of the topic.

Plugging them in
After you compile the list of keywords and have thought about how they relate to your content, the next step would be to plug it in.You must edit your keywords, meta tags, snippet preview and the title to fit your keywords to the best of your ability. There are many tools that will show you how your SEO rating is doing based on their estimates.

It might seem like there’s more to do at this stage but really it just comes down to putting the keywords exactly where they need to go. Once you’ve done that you’re all set for Keywords. On a monthly or yearly basis, you should at least take a look at your keywords and see how they are faring based on the stats.