New information today talks about the newest updates in october towards the google algorithm, google again has yet to confirm or deny these latest updates. However several Search Engine Specialists have reported  seeing traffic spikes throughtout 15- 23 Oct as a result of the Google Update. Reputable people such as Barry Schwartz at quoted “The automated tools show changes as well. Mozcast shows a spike on October 17th, SERP Metrics shows a spike as of yesterday, so does Algoroo and a new one named Accurankeralso does. Both SERPs and are pretty stable.”


The strange thing that we’ve seen many times is that  all of these sites have reported vastly different days,so one can assume the update is happening in different parts around the web.This is very interesting new for our clients as well as the rest of the community. The reason is because google stated earlier this year that they will come out with a Update that will make changes live very quickly. Which means good news for people on the good side of the google update. It does mean however that the dark side of SEO will find it much harder to fool the system and outrank Whitehat methods. But this is all just a personal opinion. There also has been a lot  of talk about this subject at the Forum shows October 19th

SERP Metrics shows spikes starting on October 19th and going through today

Advanced Web Ranking shows on October 20th

Mozcast shows on October 17th  was also affected from the recent updates. We have seen new segments of our website being listed with the rest of our main Snippet, this possibly occurred around october 15. Among other things we have seen a increase in organic traffic for certain performing keywords.

Have you noticed any changes to your traffic or search results?