Many people are starting to wonder. How can i rank well with google when i dont even understand or know what tools can measure my website. Well here at Marketing Booker we have compiled a list of tools, guides and advice to help clear up misinformation on the ever changing Digital Marketing World.

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So after looking over what tools your wanting to use and they’re can be a lot of them to choose from. We want to start getting some data.

1.First things first we want to scan using SEO Analyzer by SEOCentro

2. After you put in the url. Check the stats and look at the keywords being used.

3. Take those keywords and use SEMRUSH to plug the keywords in.

4. Next lets use SEMRUSH to check all the stats on your website. All of these stats seem complicated but it is very simple. Once you familiarize yourself with This tool it can benefit you greatly.

5. After you gather your data. Check the stats and look at the keywords being used.

6. Take a collective of the stats and try to cross examine them with a competitor of yours. You want to look at they’re keywords, their backlinks and they’re competitors.

7. Once you get a good idea you can form your strategy on how to improve and compete in your industry.