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SEO? What is SEO? – Marketing Booker

Search Engine Optimization is best explained as making it easier for search engines to read, review and rank your site in their results. In 2015, its all about organic results, Learning how to sync all of your keywords ,tags, back links and produce it in a visually stunning way.

Google’s main job, as well as other search engines, is to provide the best experience for the user . A great user experience is very valuable to Google and there are many ways Google implements their ideals and goals.

User Experience is broken down to four elements

Quality Content


Reputation & Trust

Visitor Fulfillment


What to look for?

Google gives many hints towards what is right and wrong with each site they index. Having certain things that Google dislikes will result in a lower ranking on search results or possible ban.

These negative results in SEO are called Black Hat SEO, which is manipulating Google results through software or by other means. Google is very smart and efficient at figuring out if your website is using such practices. These type of strategies can have a lasting negative effect on both your business and website, as Google finds your site untrustworthy and deems your site toxic to their goals.

White Hat SEO is the ethical side to SEO, by staying with the guidelines Google has given publically, we can determine exactly what Google wants to see to better increase the user experience. This is the practice that Google values above all, meaning that if you play by the rules Google will reward you with higher rankings and higher results.


Don’t be fooled!

If it sounds too good to be true, then most times it is ,especially when we’re talking about SEO. There are a lot of webmasters looking for the cure all medicine or get rich quick schemes in SEO. But most of these are detected very early on and are penalized for it.

When it comes to getting organic traffic to your site, you must consider how you want it to be setup. To accomplish this you need to do some research a couple topics.


Do research on the specific keywords your targeting, don’t go overboard, but try to find the keywords that are relevant to your industry that have a good amount of monthly searches. Most Marketing consultants make a spreadsheet that lists all of their researched keywords and gradually narrow the list to 5-15 keywords.

2.Quality content:

Find out what type of content works best for your customers, When deciding if something is quality. You must be completely honest with your content. Does your content benefit the industry? Is your content worded in a user friendly way? Is the content interesting enough that others would read it?

3.Back Links:

In business, a lot of success is gained by working with reputable companies, it shows that your company is important when other companies acknowledge your authority on the subject. The same can be said for SEO, A link from a authoritative and relevant website leading back to your website helps Google determine your companies status in your industry.

How to Benefit?

By learning the strategies Google is using to improve their engine,we can benefit from this by following the rules they’ve given. By that I mean, keeping up-to-date with Google’s algorithm changes and following the guidelines, when Google is happy, then you’re happy. This will be reflected in their search results which will significatively improve your websites traffic.

Google gives benefits to websites playing nice, while writing this article, they are currently giving a boost to responsive websites in mobile search results. They have explained numerous times that mobile search traffic will be a leading thing in 2015. These claims are also backed up by the fact that more than 50% of traffic from most sites is coming from mobile, this varies from site to site and you can easily find your own ratio by visiting your webmaster tools.

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