Picture yourself in the need of Window repair and you don’t know any of the businesses around you that do that. Well most people would break out there cell phones or desktops and start googling or using BING to find the business.

Lets face it, most people nowadays do not open the phone book to find a service or business their looking for.  The new age of customers have grown accustom to using google for most of their searching needs. It has become such a standard that the verb for this is coined as googling.

So why is SEO important for your business? Well because SEO is the whole reason your website URL would appear in the top results, which stats suggest 65% of traffic for what you search is going to the first 3 results in google, So the value can be seen by anyone. If your ranking 1st for your keyword, for example “Home insurance in Nashville” then you would be capturing a majority of the people wanting home insurance in Nashville. This is extremely good because most companies that do not have great SEO find themselves having to pay for the type of leads you’d receive at this point.